Tea of the Month Club

Tea of the Month Club

Enjoy a variety of unique loose teas, delivered to your door each month!


  • Free starter kit: Sign up and receive an individual teapot, stainless strainer with drip basket, and teacup and saucer, just like the ones used in The Watts Tea Shop. You will have everything you need for when your first shipment of teas arrive. You will also receive a renewal gift each year!
  • 40 Brewing Sessions of Tea: You get one ounce of four different loose teas each month; enough for 40 brewing sessions, up to four cups per session, or 160 cups a month.
  • Special Tasting Notes: Learn about the background and characteristics of each offering with tasting notes to help you get the most out of your tea.
  • Free Shipping: Your monthly kit will arrive near the beginning of every month, shipped free of charge.
  • Expert Steeping Tips: Get guidelines for brewing each tea to draw out its maximum flavor and texture, plus suggested brewing order and parings.
  • Tea Shop Recipes: Each month we will send you a different recipe card for one of our favorite menu items.

Exclusive Member Benefits:

  • Receive coupons for the Watts Tea Shop or for shopping at George Watts
  • Get early invites and special pricing to tea tastings and other Tea Shop Events
  • Be a part of our exclusive member panel and provide your feedback for future tea selections


Annual Membership: $145.00

Would you like to register? Please stop in, give us a call, or send us an email!